We can build a brighter future. It depends on a world-class education. We can provide that.

I earned a doctorate in Education at USD and taught Computer Science at Mount Marty College. Since retiring I serve Vermillion and Elk Point-Jefferson School Districts as a substitute teacher.

A brighter future also depends on great job opportunities. We can provide those too.

I've been a manufacturing manager for Gateway 2000 and engineering manager for Zenith Data Systems so I understand the 21st century workplace.

I want to represent your best interests in the State House of Representatives. Let's work together to build a brighter future for Clay and Turner counties and all of South Dakota!


IM #21

I support Steven C. Hildebrand's initiative to restrict the interest charged by payday loan companies to 36%. This limit is more than reasonable considering the prime interested rate today is only 3.25%. The current interest rates charged by payday loan companies range from 391% to 521%.

You can learn more about this industry at


IM #22

We know the scandals. Let's prevent more from happening.

Initiated measure #22 establishes a bi-partisan ethics commission, constrains campaign financing, and ends the revolving door from government to lobbying. What's not to like!


Teacher Pay

South Dakota has a long history of paying teachers the lowest salaries in the nation. After considering all of the economic factors our teachers earn 70¢ on the dollar compared to the national average. Is it any wonder we started this school-year 240 qualified teachers short!

It's time we made our children's education our top priority. We need serious long-term planning to achieve and maintain competitive teacher salaries.

UPDATE (10/14/15):

South Dakotans were told there were 240 classrooms without qualified teachers this year but the situation is much worse. 896 according to the Argus Leader.

"There were 758 plans of intent filed with the state Department of Eduction last year, from teachers who were working in a subject they weren’t yet qualified to teach, according to a February investigation by Argus Leader Media. There were 138 teachers who, like Bickel, were working toward alternative certification."

Progress was made in 2015 but teacher pay in South Dakota is still the lowest in the region.


Equal Pay

Everyone benefits when pay is equitable because more dollars are circulating and the economy rises. So why do women still earn only 77% of what men earn?

It's time for a change!

For more information see the Pew Research Center's recent report on the issue.


Church and State

"The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all." - ACLU

Religion is a personal matter. No one has a right to impose their religious beliefs on another. This is why I value the separation of Church and State. Jesus said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”: Matthew 12:17

We should strive to achieve religious tolerance in the United States. Most Americans believe in God though they worship in different ways. Our religious communities are best served when striving to understand the commonalities of faith.



I support the Farmers Union initiated measure for non-partisan redistricting as a preventive measure against gerrymandering. Please vote for Amendment T.

Ann Tornberg says, "People ought to choose their legislators rather than legislators choosing their voters." The Supreme Court of the United States agrees.


Quality Healthcare

Government should facilitate high quality healthcare for every citizen. Therefore, I support the Affordable Healthcare Act and expanding Medicare.


Renewable Energy

South Dakota can be a leading producer of electricity by harnessing the wind. This is a business opportunity with direct benefits to farmers and ranchers as well as the public.


Economic Growth

South Dakota needs to expand its sustainable business community. The key is to find "best" fits with potential businesses rather than fighting the battle of tax breaks.

Wind energy is a "best" fit. Our state provides a stable supply of wind and plenty of farmers and ranchers to partner with. We can export wind energy along with beef, corn, soybeans, and sunflower seeds.

Let's turn the wind into a cash crop.


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